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Our Products

All of my handbags are hand-made.  There is one of each style currently available.  As more are made they will be listed, and as they are sold the corresponding listing will be removed.  PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU SEE A HANDBAG YOU WOULD LIKE BUT IT IS UNAVAILABLE.  I will gladly make it special order for you.

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Light Denim Wrist Bag


An interesting handbag made out of faded jean material. The flap cover is made out of a back pocket, and the lining is a red-pink color.  This handbag closes using a ribbon tie, and is completely washable.
$25.00 (shipping included)

Two-Toned Hobo

A rather large hobo-style bag made from two tones of denim material.  Lined with a red-pink material, and has a snap closure.
$35.00 (includes shipping)

Blue Jeans Purse

A very stylish handbag actually made from a pair of Levi's!!  It is lined with purple fabric and the hanles are made of inseams braided with lime-green ribbon.  A great choice for any fashionista!!!
$35.00 (shipping included)



Dark Denim Wrist Bag

Another nice small handbag perfect for those who only want to carry a few items.  Made out of a dark jean material, this handbag has a red-pink lining, snap closure and a denim handle.
$25.00 (shipping included)


Simple Hobo Bag

A more simple hobo-style bag.  Made of one color denim, lined with a red-pink fabric, and closes via white ribbon ties. 
$30.00 (shipping included)


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